Tourist Attractions Near Wolverhampton

Wolverhampton is an attractive place with beautiful scenery and anyone who decides to visit it, will not regret it since the place and its nearby surroundings are abundant in touristic sites.

If you ever go to Wolverhampton, step by at the Bantock House whit its perfect arrangement and desing that will take you back to the Edwardian Era. The fairytale complex was restored in 1999 in Edwardian style and lets you travel back in time to discover all history secrets of Wolverhampton.

Bantock House

The complex is located in the Bantock Park, and is an ideal hide-away from city noise, where you can walk through the 44 acre wide park and enjoy a day of tranquility surrounded by flowers and a lot of green. The place is perfect for a genuine rest for your eyes and soul.

Black Country Living Museum is yet another sensational discovery nearby Wolverhampton. The open-air museum reveals the industrial past of the Black Country where historic buildings were reconstructed to mirror the industrial working environment with demonstrators who portray life within a 300-year period, but the major focus is on the industrial revolution period and the first steam engine. The museum cosntanly adds new sceneries and buildings and keeps expanding. The museum is suitable for history lovers and all those who want to relive the 19th century past.

The Leather Museum in Walsall celebrates its 200-year old tradition of leather production. The Museum represent the achievements of the most renowned Walsall leather manufacturers through history. The Museum has workshops where you can encounter craftsmen who skillfully produce leather goods like saddles, wallets, and bags.

While walking through the Museum, you will discover the interesting past of leather trading in this region, the craftsmen and their manufactured goods from the past and present. There is no admission fee so you can freely walk into the Museum without thinking about the entry fee. You will be welcomed by a warm-hearted staff, since the Museum takes great care of its reputation and their interpretation of the stories. The museum organizes live demonstration of leather workers, as well as exhibitions of the finest leather goods by their finest leather artists.

The Leather Museum

Laches Wood Outdoor Educational Center deserves to be paid a visit, especially if you are a student at one of the nearby campuses. The modern outdoor center offers a real haven for adrenalin junkies who like mountain climbing, canoeing, BMX-ing, indoor caving, high ropes, and archery. You may also study the wildlife and the tranquil woodlands, as well as participate in team building excercises and confidence building activites, acquire problem-solving skills and improve your delegating and communication skills. The Laches Wood is a unique example of education where the nature blends with the mind, and where physical activity is used to improve not only physical, but also intellectual skills.

Galton Valley Canal Museum takes you on a journey through the past when the Galton Valley Canals where built. Students and visitors will be familiarized with the most important civil engineering developments of the area. The museum organizes holiday workshops for children as well as many interesting events throughout the year for adults. The Museum opened a new site location, namely the New Smethwick Pumping Station. Repeat your knowledge about the industrial heritage with the Galton Valley Canal Museum staff.

The Royal Air Force Museum Crosford is an additional site of the RAF in London and is the only British museum that is solely focused on the topic of aviation. The entrance is free and you can see one of the best aircraft collections from different periods, as well as medals, propellers, engines, etc. The museum follows the development of the Royal Air Force, their achievements, and their significance.

The Royal Air Force Museum Crosford

The Soho House is one of the biggest achievements preserved from the industrial period. The Soho House was the home of Mathew Boulton, one of the greatest industrialists and entrepreneurs at that time. The House beautifully reflects the Georgian style from that era, and has been restored in the same manner and shines brightly in a grand style even today. You can also take a look at the products of Boulton’s factories like clocks, vases, buttons, etc. in the nearby factory where he developed the steam engine with James Watt.

The House was home to the Lunar Society, an Enlightenment group of intellectuals including James Watt himself. The Society would gather in the Soho house on nights of full moon and discuss ideas and philosophical dilemmas. If you want a detailed overview of the activities of the most influential men in the industrial era, then, pay a visit to the Soho House.

It is obvious that Wolverhampton was one of the main spots and one of the most active towns during the industrial revolution and that it is very proud of its heritage today since it has made an effort to preserve the best samples and examples of that time that are kept in the various nearby museums.