Things To Do In Wolverhampton

the Holy trinity Church

Wolverhampton is an exciting city with many activities that can be pursued, from museum visits to sight-seeing tours. As a student or a visitor, there are so many memorable things which one can do and this article will try to list the most interesting ones.

Stratford-Upon-Avon sight-seeing tour is one of the most popular activities in this city. In British style, the tour is organized in red double-decker buses with open top, giving you the opportunity to screen the city. The sightseeing tour offers you 24 hours in the beautiful city, since the ticket is valid for 24 hours.. It is the city were Shakespeare was born and it is most likely that the 24 hours will be not enough to explore all what is offered. You can stop by the Royal Shakespeare Theater, as well as visit Anne Heathway’s cottage, and the church were Shakespeare was buried- the Holy trinity Church.

The bus makes 14 stops, but the amazing thing is, that you can hop on or hop off the bus anytime you want. You see something interest you want to see, just hop off the bus, and when you are doen you can hop back on again. Driving through the Warwickshire countryside is according to many, one of the best moments during the tour. The scenery and landscape are breath-taking and leave you full of positive impressions.

For 24 GBP you can visit the beautiful Warwick Castle and relive the Middle Ages in England observing actors and interactive presentations of England back then. The Flight of the Eagles is also featured in the castle, and if you would like to explore the dungeons of the magnificent castle, you can upgrade your ticket. The ticket is valid for an entire day.

You can also enjoy rampant and tower climbing, as well as visit the peacocks that inhabit the gardens and contribute to the marvelous scenery.

Time Tower, Princess Tower are open for visitors throughout the day, and perhaps you can also take time to visit one of the many spectacular shows. The trip to the castle is very suitable for families who can relax and surprise their kids with the mysteries of the medieval period.

The Stratford, Cotswolds, Oxford and Warwick Castle Tour starts at London and shows you the best of UK. This tour includes visits to both of the above-mentioned tourism sites and offers you an all-around experience including Oxford and Cotswolds. Enjoy the landscapes as you drive through the cities in an air-conditioned, luxury coach. The tour is a day-long tour where you will be taken through the beautiful countryside of Cotswolds with a by-stop to Oxford, where you will be taken on a walking tour to explore the most famous University City in the world. The tour includes also a by-stop to William Shakespeare’s birthplace and ends with the visit of the Warwick Castle. This tour offers you a comprehensive expedition of England’s finest with professional tour guides who are equipped with knowledge providing you with the most interesting information.

The Oxford walk takes you to the Bodleian Library, the dreaming spires of the wonderful architecture which you will admire as many others before you. You will be taken to the Brasenose College with the perfect green lane and a stunning architectural building that will make the trip worthwhile.

Bodleian Library

Do not miss out to drive through the most picturesque countryside of England with market towns and villages. We already mentioned the separate tour to Stratford–Upon–Avon, but this tour offers all in one, so it also takes you to Shakespeare’s birthplace, one of the most influential authors in the world whose tragedies and comedies keep inspiring people around the globe. Finally, you will be taken to the Warwick Castle where you can dive into the medieval world by checking out medieval swords, helmets, and the performances of actors. The tour is informative and suitable for friends and families, old and young, and history and nature lovers.

Looking at the sightseeing tours, it can be officially said that Wolverhampton is a true university city as we can conclude from the different educational sightseeing tours which represent a valuable experience and a real treasury of knowledge.