Best Gift Shops in Wolverhampton



There are times when we are looking for that one perfect gift we have imagined in our heads. There are times when we simply don´t know what to buy for our friends or family. And there are times when we completely forget about birthdays, anniversaries or other special dates. Whatever the case or occasion this top 10 gift shops in Wolverhampton will help you a lot.

⋈ Dust + Sparkle Home Decor

Dust + Sparkle Home Decor offers vintage, shabby chic and spiritual gifts such as plaques, wreaths, Angel cards, and other personalized gifts. Besides, the items are affordable and make a great present for birthdays or holidays, or a great decoration for the weddings. This shop is for all those who appreciate lovely and warm products with a certain charm, and you should surely visit them.


Loadsa Gifts is one of the best shops in Wolverhampton concerning the range of items sold. They sell almost everything! Loadsa Gifts offers products from personalized gifts, candles, jewellery to clothes, wedding accessories, and home decoration. It is lead by two friends who are trying to provide quality items at affordable prices. The shop is also available online which makes it great for the customers in the rest of the UK who are eager to order some of the items that shop offers.

⋈ I Love Presents

I love Presents sells unusual and unique handmade items to customers not only in Wolverhampton but also throughout the UK. The shop is featuring jewellery, gift boxes, fridge magnets, stuffed toys and other decorative items. Products are usually made from recycled or upcycled materials when new life is given to the old clothes and household items. I Love Present shop sells online and at craft fairs as well.

⋈ Lisa’s Candy Bar Delight

This store creates and sells lovely and tasty cupcakes, candies and other sweets. Besides their delicious cakes, the shop also offers an excellent service, people who are reliable and friendly, and also ready to help. They accept orders for birthdays, weddings, Valentine´s Day and other special occasions. The fact that they treat every candy like a piece of art is surprising and inspiring at the same time.

⋈ Hugs & Kisses

Hugs & Kisses offers the wide range of cards and gifts. They have two stores in Wolverhampton – one in Tettenhall and the other at Merry Hill, which are both equally inviting and full of personalized gifts, cards, jewellery and other items. They offer modern and unusual items with excellent quality. Some of the products they sell in shops are also available online for the customers throughout the UK.

⋈ Clinton Cards

clinton cards

Clinton Cards is a large store that sells cards for every occasion as well as some smaller gifts including mugs, soft toys, stamps, stationery, photo frames and similar items. However, they are most popular because of their lovely designed and interesting cards, which can put a smile on every face. The service is excellent, and you will surely have a lot of fun while searching for the most appropriate card for yourself.

⋈ Cards & Things

This card and posters shop offer a large number of cards at affordable prices. The service is very helpful and friendly, always trying to help you with the choice. It means the only thing you will worry about at Cards & Things is which card to pick. They also offer fantastic posters to put on your wall or frame, as well as some smaller gifts like stationery, key chains, and toys.

⋈ Niche Cards, Gifts & Flowers

The shop offers custom-made and elegant flower bouquets for weddings, but also flowers for special festivities such as Mother´s Day, Valentine´s Day, Easter, Christmas or birthdays, and sympathy flowers as well. Their flowers are beautifully and carefully arranged according to your wishes. In addition, they offer cards for different occasions, as well as many gifts for mentioned occasions. The service is available across the UK.

⋈ Card Warehouse

Card Warehouse is everything you ask from a card shop. It is full of elegant, interesting, funny and sympathy cards for different life events, celebrations, and festivities. You will be surprised at the amount of different greeting cards, their affordable price and helpful employees who are always ready to help you if in doubt. At Card Warehouse you can certainly find fabulous cards for your taste.

⋈ Birthdays

At Birthdays, not only will you find greeting cards, but also everything you need for a truly happy birthday. You can find disposable cutlery with different patterns and colours, crazy name birthday candles as well as fancy dress costumes, balloons and other party decorations. It is also the shop where you can buy everything you need for a themed party. Besides, all these things can be found with the help of friendly employees and at excellent prices.